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The safety and security of our customer's personal information is of utmost importance to us. Because of this, we have invested extra time and resources to insure that we comply to industry standards that are set forth today and that are coming in the future.

Current standards require CISP (Visa's Cardholder Information Security Program) and PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Enforcement of these standards however is lax and many merchants (unwittingly) do not comply (most don't even know what these standards are).

While not currently mandated, VISA has developed PABP (Payment Application Best Practices) standards for merchants which add additional layers onto the already stringent security measures required for CISP/PCI compliance.

Compliance includes many levels including site and database hosting facilities, payment processing techniques, ecommerce software, password requirements and internal procedures. We are happy to say that we not only comply with all of the requirements, but we are continuously monitoring security to ensure that we comply in the future as well.

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