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Pain Is Good Batch 114 Jamaican Style Hot Sauce

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The magic begins with this jerk sauce – in the mouths of those who eat it, a strange voodoo begins to take hold, consuming the body, mind and soul. There is no sensation quite like the one you get with Pain Is Good Batch 114 Jamaican Style Hot Sauce with Caribbean fruit juices and spices. 7.5oz.

Heat Level: 9/10

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Ingredients:  Habaneros, pineapple juice concentrate, white vinegar, tomato paste, water, roasted garlic, jerk spice, and lemon and lime juice  concentrate. 

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Weight 1.00 lbs


Pain Is Good

2 reviews for Pain Is Good Batch 114 Jamaican Style Hot Sauce

  1. Justin

    This was the first ‘gourmet’ hot sauce I had many many years ago and it opened my eyes to the fact the hot sauces should taste good, and not just be all about the heat. This sauce brings the heat along with a unique Jamaican sweetness that goes well on a number of food items. I eat it on everything from pizza to mac and cheese.

  2. Joel

    I was a Batch 37 fan until I tried this recipe. It is a perfect blend of heat and flavor that goes well with just about any food. I can handle the ghost pepper sauces and such, but I fall back to this blend time and time again because it is just that good!

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