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Old Bay Seasoning 6 oz

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Perfect as a fish or salmon seasoning, OLD BAY Seasoning has been the go-to seafood spice for over 75 years. And it’s not just limited to seafood! This unique blend of 18 herbs and spices including celery salt, red pepper, and paprika works great on a variety of dishes. Whether it’s chicken, vegetables, or soup – OLD BAY Seasoning makes for the perfect versatile, zesty all purpose seasoning to upgrade the flavor on all your meals.
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Steamed Crabs
What you need

 * Vinegar or beer
 * Water 
* 12 Live Crabs 
* 1/2 Old Bay Seasoning
Directions : Pour equal amounts of vinegar or beer and water into steamer or large pot with rack. Bring to boil. Layer crabs on rack, sprinkle each layer generously with Old Bay. Cover. Steam 20 to 30 minutes or until crabs turn red.
Ingredients: Celery Salt (Salt Celery Seed),Spices (Including red pepper and black pepper) and paprika.

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Weight 0.45 lbs


Old Bay

1 review for Old Bay Seasoning 6 oz

  1. Amy

    Folks on the East Coast put Old Bay on EVERYTHING, not just seafood. My favorite is to use it on popcorn. It’s such a distinct seasoning blend it’s hard to describe to anyone who’s never had it. It’s definitely worth trying if you never had it.

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Old Bay Seasoning 6 oz

Old Bay Seasoning 6 oz

0.45 lbs
In Stock
1 Ratings
Original price was: $7.49.Current price is: $6.99.