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Dave’s Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

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So hot it’s spooky! This sauce haunts palates with its slightly fruity and savory hot chili pepper flavor. Possessing a deceptive heat that slowly creeps up on you and won’t let go. It makes a grave addition to stews, wings, potato salad, or any other food that could use some frightful spice one drop at a time!  5 oz.

Heat Level: 10/10

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Ghost Pepper/Naga Jolokia, Hot Pepper Extract, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Roasted Garlic Pulp, Acetic Acid.


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Weight 0.67 lbs


Dave's Gourmet

5 reviews for Dave’s Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

  1. Anonymous

    It’s fantastic in taste, the heat is perfect, not hot enough but just right for when you want a little spice, love it

  2. Matthew

    Super super hot! If habanero sauce is no longer hot, time to go for the ghost pepper sauce! Put it on almost everything. At first use very little, like a few drops or a small stream. You can get a stomach ache after having this though. Damn!! I can’t wait to make hot wings with this. Warning: have milk or ice cream close by.

  3. richard

    This stuff is not everybody, only the sexy people! Seriously great on pizza or burgers, loads of flavor, loads of heat. This one will inspire you.

  4. Todd

    This stuff is wicked hot! I put a small drop in a big bowl of soup and it spiced it up just right. Two drops would have been too much!

  5. Dave

    A good? friend gave me a bottle of dave’s Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. I tried it first time without reading caution label, Big mistake! Mouth on fire and ass-a-catchin’, I then read label. After recovery and therapy, I learned to use it one drop at a time as label suggests. Excellent flavor! Love it! Not for the faint of heart though!

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